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Welcome to El Relincho Restaurant Bar in El Fraile, Jibacoa beach, says Jorge Luis, the creator of this restaurant where you will meet with the traditional Cuban cuisine making reference to the typical Dishes of the Seafood and Fish. We offer our customers a varied offer of Traditional Cuban Cuisine and especially Fish and Seafood. Without forgetting our roots, such as the Ajiaco, the dishes with corn, the tasteful Moorish and Christian rice dishes and the Congrí rice. We enhance our nutritional culture and the new trends that indicate the consumption of vegetables, fruits and foods where there is an exchange of colors, flavors, texture, harmony respecting the inadequate use of salt, sugar and fats. The Specialty of the House is the rich dish ¨Relincho Primaveral¨ is a beef steak stuffed with sautéed vegetables and a wood sauce (bottom of beef stock, mushrooms and red wine and butter) and a vegetable sauce.

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