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Quinteto Akarey

Quintet Akarey

Traditional Cuban and international music. They are included in the catalog of Excellence of the Cuban Institute of Music.

Place of Presentation: Thursday Friday and Saturday at the Hotel Memories Jibacoa Santa Cruz del Norte. Mayabeque Province. CUBA.

Band members:
Bass and Vocals. -Director: Joel Valera Macias
Ruiz Morales guitar Willermo
Three guitar Francisco Diaz Terry
Bongos and vocals. Jose Ramon Valentin Arbelo
Main singer, vocalist and percussion Minor: Manuel Ortega Alonso.

Services offered by The Quintet AKAREY
Support in weddings, 15 w ays, Birthday and serenades. Family parties and family meals Hershey Gardens or wherever you want. They can also take accompaniment of Poets in controversy. Akarey has a harmonic vocal work on all songs in the repertoire.

The Quintet has performed in prestigious hotels of Varadero, in theaters and made presentations Town Invitational at the Canadian Embassy.