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Playa de Jibacoa

Tourist resort located in the northeast of Havana, has attracted the attention of national and foreign for the excellent quality of its beaches, warm, calm waters that being flanked by elevations up to 100 meters high that run parallel to the coast confer the place a unique sense of privacy. It is located in a cove bordered by the side facing land heights or cliffs which gives great scenic attraction, it is a very striking and isolated spot where hotel facilities and camping sites, here besides the sun, the sand is located and the sea, there are other outdoor activities to do, including horseback riding and boating.

Jibacoa beach is located on the north coast, about 60 kilometers east of the capital city of Havana, in the municipality of Santa Cruz del Norte, 12 km from the town of the same name, Mayabeque province, in the tourist area known as North of Havana that is located on a coastal strip between the beach of Jibacoa and Bacunayagua coast. Jibacoa is accessed through the Via Blanca, 4-lane motorway linking the city of Havana with Matanzas, is a road that borders the sea and walking a very rich area from the landscape point of view.

The quality of this beach is excellent. Its deep blue waters are crystal clear and warm most of the year, its white sands and the sea bottoms are inhabited by the coral beds, abound there underwater cave coral heads and marine life with fish and shellfish it is therefore ideal for diving area. Its sea areas are preserved because its exploitation goes back to a few years ago, it has a rich seabed, protected by the largest barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere and the second in the world. Besides being surrounded by mountains, some rivers flow directly here at sea. In their areas you can dive, climb the nearby elevations, horseback riding and fishing.

Turistic development

It has important tourist facilities as the Hotel Memories Jibacoa (4 stars), Villa Loma and Villa Tropic, allowing you to enjoy an ideal place for lovers of the quiet life proposal. Bases camping El Abra, Los Cocos, Las Caletas, La Laguna, Peñas Blancas, Playa Amarilla and others that provide camping and recreation of hikers with various deals that include ecotourism and care to campers are also located seniors; its quaint cottages on the seascape we add an idyllic charm to the place, with the added attraction of youth bustle of much of its visitors.

  • Playa de Jibacoa vista desde el Mirador del Peñon del Fraile