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Jardines de Hershey

Central Hershey, Santa Cruz del Norte, La Havana, Cuba

By 1960 and the arrival of the Cuban Revolution, the Central Railway Hershey became the "Camilo Cienfuegos" Railway Division of Cuba. Was this the last line electric train Cuba and continued unchanged for the next 40 years.

The Central Hershey is located in the municipality of Santa Cruz del Norte, north in the province of Havana,

The Central Hershey communicated with the City of Havana by his own train to his journey from White House to the Central Hershey.

Through the train arrived from Casablanca to central town of Hershey. Also being accessible by road and White Way Jaruco (diversion taking Santa Cruz del Norte toward Jaruco).

Very usual tours of the city of Havana visit this center and spend the day enjoying the beautiful gardens.

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